Who We Are

We’re proud of all our building projects

Construction is a competitive playing field.

  • It’s not just about price. It’s about good work and intangibles.
  • Experience matters. Each job builds problem-solving insights.
  • Communication is key. You can only say ‘go’ when you know.
  • Teamwork works. There are no bit players in construction.

Construction experience built with a strong foundation and a good reputation.
Classic Group is proud of being in business since 1989 with steady, sustainable success over nearly 30 years. Our experience and capabilities help us win and work on various complex and unique projects. We’ve earned the rewards of ‘blue chip client’ construction and refurbishment works and evolved from a small building company to become a recognised, respected construction group with major commercial projects under our belt.

We are world class builders who are:

Highly competitive on tenders in every KPI

Agile and able to assign construction teams per project

Good communicators with our clients and our crews

Leaders and team players, not mutually exclusive

Problem solvers and project efficiency experts

Technology embracers, open to ICT advancements

Accountable, accessible and responsive